Shell Server

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Runciman is a shell server maintained by HackSoc for the use of members of the society (with some functionality restricted to paid members).

Shell Accounts

Shell accounts are only available for paid members of the society, in order to request one either speak to a member of the committee, or email

To prevent abuse, accounts are restricted. There are three tiers, which currently differ only in the process limit:

1.5GB disk, 6GB RAM, 50 processes
1.5GB disk, 6GB RAM, 150 processes
1.5GB disk, 6GB RAM, 500 processes

All new accounts start out small, but if you need more resources, and can explain why, you may be able to get an upgrade.

All users with shell accounts are required to have read the Bytemark Acceptable Usage Policy. Any users who we (or Bytemark) believe to be in violation of this, or who are otherwise causing any problem which affects other users, will receive a warning, and may lose their account.


All users with a shell account have ~/public_html and ~/public_gopher directories, and files placed there will appear at {http,gopher}://{~,1users/}$user. This space is subject to the same disk quota as usual.


There is a mumble server (VoIP) server available.


This server has been very kindly given to us by Bytemark, who are a wonderful company and you should definitely check them out.

Bytemark Hosting